★ More commissioned paintings ★

here we go, more fluffy white dogs!! 😛 some more paintings that I was commissioned to do! ;D

bichon frise puppy

bichon frise puppy

west highland white terrier

west highland white terrier



★ getting ready for the convention tomorrow ★

Just got things done right at the last moment! (such a procrastinator)  if you happen to be out and about at Dundee tomorrow drop by the university, there’s a free anime con going on and I’ve got a wee stall there selling my stuff!! here’s a little glimpse of what I’ve got!! ;D



…now to pack everything….

★ Commissioned paintings★

So far so good, Got a few commissions in… Here’s what I’ve got on my previous commissions tab at the top right where the pages are.. ^^

..Now to get on with some more *white highland terriers next* 8D

★ Galaxy Carnival Mask ★

Just made another one, completed it today!! Another carnival mask but this one has a galaxy pattern painted on it with some glitter mix too!

This one this time is made out of paper mache and it’s much lighter than the plaster ones!!

I’ve made another one but I’ve still to put the finishing touches onto it!! I’ll have it ready soon!!! 🙂