★ Making a Hannya mask ★

Here’s something I’ve worked on for Halloween, a Hannya mask inspired by Onibaba!! ^^ ★

★1st step  :  take a blank white mask and layout the shape of the design with newspaper

★2nd step:  start placing sheets of plaster on top (dip in water first) , you can get roles of plaster in art stores…. ^^

★3rd step : keep laying the plaster on and around the shape you want

★4th step : add the teeth to the mouth 😛

★5th step : paint white for base colour and I added PVA glue to make it smoother

★6th step : paint that thing!!!! 🙂 I used acrylics!!

★7th step : Go over with PVA again!! get that glossy look!!

★8th step : viola! presto!!       …and one thing at the start re-change your string if it isn’t strong enough!! :P,



10 responses to “★ Making a Hannya mask ★

  1. Holy SHIT! This is fantastic! I can’t believe you made something so awesome from just a plain, blank mask. It looks like one you can buy in a store! Awesome work, dear! God, you are so creative! This so makes me wish I lived close by and that we could go to a Halloween party together with me wearing that awesome mask (or another one I’d beg you to make for me, LOL) FABULOUS work!


    • aaa danke!!! I wasn’t sure it would work using a mask as a base, even though it’s kinda heavy, i think it worked out!! ^^
      hahaha omg that would be dreams and totally awesome!! hitting the towns and scaring all the folks!!! XDD, the gruesome twosome they’ll call us!!! har har har!!!
      thanks!!!! 😀

      • Well, it worked wonderfully, though now I am wondering how heavy the mask then is, LOL.

        Ahaha, we’d paint the town RED!!!!!! And scare the shit out of your neighbours with the ugly fence. We’d call it karma then for their ugly fence!


      • haha it’s heavier than the usual mask but it’s not so bad!! I should have made the string a wee bit stronger at the start!! (silly me) lol!!
        hahahah we totally would!! and the fence! that’ll be painted red too!! that would actually be a big improvement lol!!! XD hahahah (witchy laugh!)

      • yeah i think i’ll have to do that.. shouldn’t be to hard… but if i get lazy I could just tie the string it has around twice to make it stronger ^^

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