★ Galaxy Carnival Mask ★

Just made another one, completed it today!! Another carnival mask but this one has a galaxy pattern painted on it with some glitter mix too!

This one this time is made out of paper mache and it’s much lighter than the plaster ones!!

I’ve made another one but I’ve still to put the finishing touches onto it!! I’ll have it ready soon!!! 🙂


4 responses to “★ Galaxy Carnival Mask ★

    • cheers!!
      oo It’s hard to say, plaster is easier to shape I think, but it ends up being a little heavy, paper mache is harder to mold but it’s much lighter >< aa such a pickle! but I'm going to give paper mache another go!!

  1. It’s so colourful and etheral … The “Galaxy” suits it! Gorgeous colours thyat do remind me of space. Super! (and I adore the purple ribbon too as a choice. It fits wonderfully with the mask’s colour)


    • awww thanks!!!! yeah I tried to make it all universy!! XD I’ve done similar patterns before and I realised it would be kinda neat to see them on a mask! XD, I’ve got one more spacey one to post up!!
      haha cheers, that ribbon was just lying around waiting for me to use it for something!!! XD

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