★ starry moon mask ★

Managed to complete the third mask I was doing, this one is another plaster mask but with a crescent moon at the side 😀


20 responses to “★ starry moon mask ★

  1. Oh, this feels like a mask a gladiator could wear due to the colors and the form. Very awesome! I love it. You are very, very good at making masks!


      • Well, the half masks are gorgeous, but I also like the full one. Who knows. Perhaps by practicing with half masks will you get so good that at a certain moment you’ll try your hand again at full masks and make them in such a way that you are also satisfied with them.
        Personally I prefer half masks though. They have something with how they only hide your eyes and the top of your face.


      • aww cheers a lot!!! XDD
        I’ll props have another go at doing a full mask sometime!!
        yeah like the half masks too!! ( you can breath easier) and the do have a myterious look about them, It’s the kinda mask you wear to a ball…but I do love full ones as well, sometimes they can look pretty dramatic!! if it’s done the right way!! XD

  2. And good luck with your sale page! Have I already seen the owl painting? It looks new, but very, very gorgeous! His eyes are pretty of colour and have an owly expression in them. The wise and condescending look they can giive us humans, LOL. And awesome work on the feathers. He looks very real!


    • ooo cheeers!! I’ve got to stop procrastinating and keep updating it, It’s looking pretty small right now!!
      haha yeah it’s new, (I was going to post it up but thought I’d do more pictures first) it’s based on the owl photo I put up earlier from the zoo!! haha yeah Owls do give that superior look to us all that time!! I wonder what they know??? ;D
      aww thank you!!! white is soo tricky to paint!! (why do I do this to myself!)

      thanks a lot for dropping by!! XD

      • So it is new! Shame on you for not sharing with us sooner!

        But now I get why I was doubting whether it was new *has pulled the pic you talk about back in front of her* It is such a wonderful ressemblance that I probably was remembering the pic and that made me doubt whether I hadn’t seen the painting yet after all.

        Animals are just all way smarter than us … No wonder they look down upon us, LOL.

        You did an excellent and amazing job. It is always a joy to see one of your crafty works.


      • ahahah yeah shame on me!!! but wait till I (eventually) do more and I’ll put a bunch up!!
        haha thanks!!! there was probably some voice in your head saying *I’m sure I’ve seen this before” lol glad you can see it!! XD painting the feathers was probably the hardest bit to get!!

        that’s so true!! they probably laugh at us all the time!

        ah thanks!! I’ll try and get down to more craftyness soon!! XD

  3. Good to hear you aren’t giving up on full masks. I’m sure you just need some more practice and perhaps read a bit more about making them to get them just the way you want. But you hit the nail with half masks. The mysterious aura they have make them ROCK! Yet as you said, it is easier to go full out dramatic with a full mask.

    Ahaha, and so soon we’ll get a painting dump from you (like I often do with my blingees when I come to realize I really need to upload some again cause I’ve made a bunch)

    And yes, that was exactly what that little voice in my head was saying. But it really is a gorgeous painting. You’ve done a fantastic job on it.


    • yeah more practice for def!! I haven’t given up yet!! but I am procrastinating! Will get around to it one day!! and I will try make them super dramatic!!!

      hahah hopefully !! I’ll look out for your blingee dump!! it’s been a while!!!! XD A nice bunch of christmassy blingees maybe? XD

      awww cheers!! XD

      • I haven’t made Christmas blingees yet. First at the 6th of december there is still Sinterklaas we celebrate over here. It’s a festivity mainly for kids but I always find that you need to wait with Christmas stuff till after Sinterklaas has passed. After that you can go Christmas crazy with shopping for presents and decorating, LOL.

        I made a blingee for Sinterklaas though.


      • aaaa Sinterklass!? I’ve never really heard of this one, but the more celebrations the merrier!! Kids always have the fun stuff!
        I’m looking forwards to a big dump of Sinterklass blingees!! XDD

  4. Good! I was gunna ask if you had an Etsy or something. Very cool!

    Just a thought: if you made masks from Majora’s Mask (it’s a Zelda game) you could totally sell them to some fanboys easy for some good bling. 🙂

  5. LOL, I only made one Sinterklaas blingee so it won’t be a whole dump of them. If you wanna know more about it, read the description that goes with the blingee: http://bln.gs/b/264ykh
    It trully is a fun celebration, I dare to say – eventhough I am not a kid anymore and he technically doesn’t come for me anymore – it’s my favourite one. It’s like with Santa Claus in other countires. Sinterklaas goes to stores and you can go and see him there and sit on his lap and tell the man what you wnat him to bring you – with of course your parents in hearing range so they know what to get you out of Sinterklaas’ name, LOL – but it really has just a magical atmosphere around it and it is so fun to see grown ups play along for the kids sake. It is trully an event to look forward to each year.


    • aaaa ok!!! just checked it out!!! so interesting!! aa it’s pretty cute and surreal!! i like it!!!!” it does sound pretty fun!!! I wonder if it’ll come to the U.K one day!! XD we can steal it!! ahaha yeah the sitting on the knee things is the same here, it’s been years though so I can’t remember what I asked for!! Or maybe I belong in that scary sack!! ooooo that does sound real scary!! It’s great to find out new things!! XD hope you have a fun sinterklass when it comes!! try not to end up in the sack!! XD

      • Steal away, I’d say. It’s a celebration that deserves to get more attention world wide.

        Well, no one ever ends up in the sack, so no worries. It is just a way to get kids to behave. Just threaten with Black Pete and his scary sack and they’ll become little angels in no time, LOL.

        Tonight is the night!!!!!!!


  6. It was fun and great. Got yummy chocolate. *rubs her tummy*

    BTW: do you have a favourite green tea blend? Like say green tea with orange flavour. Or green tea with vainille flavour or so? Or perhaps just the plain green tea? And do you like it in those little pre-prepared bags or the lose stuff you have to put yourself in a tea leave holder?


    • haha it’s all about the tasty chocolate!! XD glad you had fun!!! XD
      oooo I luv all kinds of green tea!! i’ve become herbal tea obsessed! lol!! i’ve never seen green/tea with orange though here! I wonder what that would be like? usually ‘i have loose leaves but tea bags are good too!! ;D always up for trying new things!

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