★ Dog painting commission ★

 I think it’s been a while since I made a post, My computer is being a mega pain again…. In the meantime I got to do another dog painting commission,

acrylic dog painting


7 responses to “★ Dog painting commission ★

  1. wauw, super pretty. I love how you captured the fur drawing of black on the furthest one and how fluffy the fur of the other looks. No wonder the furthest one wants to put his head on him, such a soft pillow! And the hips of the closest one, his body structure, wonderful brought to live! And then the muzzle of the one with his head on the other, magnifique!

    And the background colour is perfect for the two dogs. And I have to admit, I adore the little red ball too, LOL.

    You know, dear. If we didn’t live so far apart, I’d get you to make one for my kitty-cats. I would just have a very hard time chosing which kitty-cat I would want immortalized in a pretty painting. You have a wonderful talent for this. The reciever of this painting is one lucky dog (pardon the pun)


    • awww cheers!! I’m glad the fur wasn’t white this time!! they did look nice n’ fluffy in the photo, especially the one at the bottom!! they also had such distinctive and expressive faces so it was fun to paint! thanks!! XD

      aaach I wouldn’t mind at all!! XDD haha although the cats would get jealous of each other if one got a nice big portrait !! 😉
      haha thanks!! they were really happy with painting! XD

      • Aha, so you don’t like to paint white fur … You do know I have a white kitty, right? Guess the choice is made now, LOL. They’ll all have to be jealous of him now and be mad at you, LOL, cause you don’t like to paint white fur, LOL.

        Animals most of the time have expressive faces and distinctive ones just as long as you are willing to really look at them and you, as an artist, have no choice but to look very close and notice details that make each animal unique.

        I so can get they were happy with their painting. It is a JEM!


      • aa gosh!! I really got to visit my site more often!!! ^^
        hahah lol!! yes white is the trickiest!! oooo that’s evil! how could you!! waaa! lol! he’ll be specia though!! hey if you ever like a wee painting of them I wouldn’t mind conjuring one up for you!!!
        ooo it’s soo true! they all have their own little personalities!!
        awww cheers!!!!
        ooo I got to keep this site updated as well!! :OO

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