★ getting ready for the convention tomorrow ★

Just got things done right at the last moment! (such a procrastinator)  if you happen to be out and about at Dundee tomorrow drop by the university, there’s a free anime con going on and I’ve got a wee stall there selling my stuff!! here’s a little glimpse of what I’ve got!! ;D



…now to pack everything….


6 responses to “★ getting ready for the convention tomorrow ★

  1. Waah, good luck with the sales tomorrow, dear. I’ll be thinking of you (whilst I am cleaning, LOL)

    Your Ghibli art style paintings are gorgeous. I love how the boy with the magic is illuminated by the magic sparks that leave his hands and how he himselfs stares in wonder at it. Not to mention I adore the background blue colour. It works so well with the rest. Perfect colour combo there.
    And then the cute little men we all love and adore. They look so in wonder and surprise at the blue magic that is traversing the sky and the landscape around them. They are just too adorable! Especially the slightly chubby sighting one.

    Love the dragon ?pendants? Very cool and pretty. And that crying Japanse woman, super! Love that her tear is made of gold and her hair is so prettily decorated. The black skull is creepy with its red eyes and mouth but the skulls with the white colourful decorated surfaces are cute. Those ones feel more like in honour of nature with the leaves and stuff on it. Like they made it – a tribe or so – to honour nature on an altar. Very beautiful.

    The red butterfly necklace is amazing. Gorgeous and perfect colour combo. Also like the butterfly one with the white/gray wings and the golden background. The other two are also pretty but those two are my favourite butterfly ones.
    Also like the – and I hope I am seeing right here – the ?unicorns? Or the horses. Love their pose and the backgrounds. The one with the dark and red spotted background is my favourite one.
    And is that also a face one you made? Coupled with decorations? I mean the little one on top of the red butterfly one.
    The ribbons are super for the pendants and I also love the water dragon pendant. It is very cute and pretty.

    Starry rings … awesome! Although I also adore the horse one. From the stars my favourite ones are the very big star and the one with the three little stars, the pink, blue and yellow star. Fantastic!

    You have made some amazing stuff, dear. You can’t help but have succes tomorrow! It just can’t be any different. Really fantastic job!

    Gillie *whom sends you also a good luck kiss*

    • aa thanks!!!! ~*hugs*~ haha lol!!
      awww thanks! they were all pretty much a last minute idea, and they all sold out, so I’m def going to conjure up more for next year!!! XDD
      aa wee howl with the falling star was such a nice wee scene It was def fun to paint!!! XDDD
      aww thanks!! more ghibli paintings!! everyone loves ghibli!! XD

      haha yeah I got dragon charms to attach the shrinkies I made!! aww thanks! she was just some random idea I created, she never got sold though… maybe coz It was my own character!! ^^
      The skulls did pretty well, I think i’ve only got 1 left XD yeah the leaves give them that natural look, who could have thought skulls good be pretty!!

      aww thanks again!! yeah I played around with a lot of things to get all the effects!! there was so many awesome butterfly stickers I got!! XD and i added lots of glitter and so much bits and bobs!! lol glad you like them!!
      yup they’re unicorns!! who doesn’t luv unicorns!! hahah she’s the galactic unicorn!!
      yeah I made that wee charm!! the moon face! thanks!! XDDD

      usually go for chains but i seen these ribbon necklaces and loved the colour and thought i’d get them instead!!

      aww thanks, the picture is a wee bitty blurry!! ^^ I did loads of starry rings lol!!!

      aww thanks!! It was a great day, pretty much earned the same amount as last year lol!! but it’s a good amount!! XD
      I did some more of these wee teru bozu and they all sold out! none to take home!! :O


  2. YOU made these? You made them?? FANTASTIC. Beautiful art, beautiful.

    Came by because Angry gave you a shout-out. And glad: beautiful 🙂

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