★ More commissioned paintings ★

here we go, more fluffy white dogs!! 😛 some more paintings that I was commissioned to do! ;D

bichon frise puppy

bichon frise puppy

west highland white terrier

west highland white terrier



5 responses to “★ More commissioned paintings ★

  1. Oh, the first one is so fluffy adorable! You just wanna pick him up and cuddle him! And I love the soft brownish background you used. It contemplates his fur. Also like your shadowing. It trully looks like a picture taken from the side of this cuttie.

    Love the flapped down ear of the white terrier up front and how his eyes sparkle such liveliness. The eyes of the one behind the first one sparkle with naughtyness, LOL. And I just wanna poke their cute noses! Their fur hair looks also so real, especially there above the nose. And pretty background mix of pastel-like colours. Very cool.

    Wonderful done, dear.

    • hahah thanks!! the puppy did look pretty cute in the photo!! I thought the white fluff was going to be a nightmare to paint! but I think I’m getting the hang of it now!!
      lol these little gals are pretty cheeky!! i luv painting the wee noses and the eyes!! just adding that wee shine always brings it out more!!!
      aww cheerrs!!! 😀

      • *nods* You are starting to become a white fluff expert!

        LOL, you can so see that they are cheeky devils … but loved all the same by their owner, I am sure of it!


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