★ starry moon mask ★

Managed to complete the third mask I was doing, this one is another plaster mask but with a crescent moon at the side 😀


★ Galaxy Carnival Mask ★

Just made another one, completed it today!! Another carnival mask but this one has a galaxy pattern painted on it with some glitter mix too!

This one this time is made out of paper mache and it’s much lighter than the plaster ones!!

I’ve made another one but I’ve still to put the finishing touches onto it!! I’ll have it ready soon!!! 🙂

★ Plaster Carnival Mask ★

Since I made the Hannya mask I wanted to have a wee go at creating my own type of Venetian carnival mask, since I luv that stuff, so I played around with some plaster and dug into my bag of randomness and conjured this up….

hope peeps had a happy Halloween!! Here’s me in my Onibaba costume wearing the mask I made earlier!

The robes i wore were made by a friend, you can check her crafts out and she does commissions on this stuff! 🙂