★ getting ready for the convention tomorrow ★

Just got things done right at the last moment! (such a procrastinator)  if you happen to be out and about at Dundee tomorrow drop by the university, there’s a free anime con going on and I’ve got a wee stall there selling my stuff!! here’s a little glimpse of what I’ve got!! ;D



…now to pack everything….


★ Galaxy Carnival Mask ★

Just made another one, completed it today!! Another carnival mask but this one has a galaxy pattern painted on it with some glitter mix too!

This one this time is made out of paper mache and it’s much lighter than the plaster ones!!

I’ve made another one but I’ve still to put the finishing touches onto it!! I’ll have it ready soon!!! 🙂

★ Plaster Carnival Mask ★

Since I made the Hannya mask I wanted to have a wee go at creating my own type of Venetian carnival mask, since I luv that stuff, so I played around with some plaster and dug into my bag of randomness and conjured this up….

hope peeps had a happy Halloween!! Here’s me in my Onibaba costume wearing the mask I made earlier!

The robes i wore were made by a friend, you can check her crafts out and she does commissions on this stuff! 🙂


★ Making a Hannya mask ★

Here’s something I’ve worked on for Halloween, a Hannya mask inspired by Onibaba!! ^^ ★

★1st step  :  take a blank white mask and layout the shape of the design with newspaper

★2nd step:  start placing sheets of plaster on top (dip in water first) , you can get roles of plaster in art stores…. ^^

★3rd step : keep laying the plaster on and around the shape you want

★4th step : add the teeth to the mouth 😛

★5th step : paint white for base colour and I added PVA glue to make it smoother

★6th step : paint that thing!!!! 🙂 I used acrylics!!

★7th step : Go over with PVA again!! get that glossy look!!

★8th step : viola! presto!!       …and one thing at the start re-change your string if it isn’t strong enough!! :P,


★ New creations ★

The rings have now been attached and more pendants are on the way 🙂

13 of these rings have been made so far, all of them are slightly different from each other

Steampunk pendant, clock parts, insect pendants and two raven pendants! 🙂

(wish resin didn’t take so long to dry)

if you’re interested any of the jewellery email: daleks_2@hotmail.com