★ Lanterns ★

Not necklaces this time but wouldn’t it be cosy to have a room with hundreds of lanterns hanging! Of course the candles inside these ones are battery operated  so there’s no chance of fires!! ^^

probably wont be selling them at the convention, takes quite a while to make them but they’re up for commissions.

  • Blow up a balloon
  • get some wool (I used two different shades per lantern)
  • lots of PVA glue (I mixed glitter into it to get a nice shimmer effect
  • dip the wool string into the glue (make sure every bit is covered)
  • wrap around the balloon (you might want to wait till one layer dries then do another one for extra strength)
  • wait until it all dries up, then pop the balloon which will start shrinking inside the lantern then start peeling it off.
  • put your ‘battery operated’ light inside and then hang up!!
  • PS making these can get pretty messy ^^