★ Plaster Carnival Mask ★

Since I made the Hannya mask I wanted to have a wee go at creating my own type of Venetian carnival mask, since I luv that stuff, so I played around with some plaster and dug into my bag of randomness and conjured this up….

hope peeps had a happy Halloween!! Here’s me in my Onibaba costume wearing the mask I made earlier!

The robes i wore were made by a friend, you can check her crafts out and she does commissions on this stuff! 🙂



★ Making a Hannya mask ★

Here’s something I’ve worked on for Halloween, a Hannya mask inspired by Onibaba!! ^^ ★

★1st step  :  take a blank white mask and layout the shape of the design with newspaper

★2nd step:  start placing sheets of plaster on top (dip in water first) , you can get roles of plaster in art stores…. ^^

★3rd step : keep laying the plaster on and around the shape you want

★4th step : add the teeth to the mouth 😛

★5th step : paint white for base colour and I added PVA glue to make it smoother

★6th step : paint that thing!!!! 🙂 I used acrylics!!

★7th step : Go over with PVA again!! get that glossy look!!

★8th step : viola! presto!!       …and one thing at the start re-change your string if it isn’t strong enough!! :P,